Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape

Report started streaming in that there was a sex video doing rounds which was released, allegedly showing legendary musician <a href=”https://www.hardoffers.com/deals/jimi-hendrix-sex-tape-discount/”>Jimi Hendrix making love with some two unnamed ladies</a>. According to the many reports, this was the latest sex footage in the long celebrity sex movies. The sex footage authenticity was however almost immediately been disputed and challenged by unnamed person.

Kathy Etchingham, who was Jimi Hendrix’s girlfriend for a very long time in the 1960s, after carefully viewing the still images obtained from the said sex footage, said that the man was not Hendrix.

Charles Cross, the popular author who wrote Jimi Hendrix’s biography known as “The Room Full of Mirrors” was also not in agreement with the individuals behind the sex footage release. Cross says that, the man who looks like, has a huge afro hairstyle and also has head band. Just like Kathy, Charles Cross disputes the identity of the man in the sex footage. Mr Gross also said that he came across the sex footage while going his book’s research and goes on to dismiss the sex movie as another fake sex movie.

The alleged sex movie is an eleven minutes sex video of a certain who greatly resembles legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix together with two ladies who are unnamed and the sex footage is very well packaged as a forty five minutes sex movie DVD which is distributed by the popular Los Angeles adult entertainment company known as Vivid Entertainment.

On their part, the management of Vivid Entertainment, the company famed for releasing the <a href=”https://www.hardoffers.com/deals/kim-kardashian-sex-tape-discount/”>sex footage involving Kim Kardashian with Ray J</a>, said that this sex footage showing Jimi Hendrix and the two unnamed women was shot around forty years ago inside a certain hotel room and that the sex movie was unearthed by a certain memorabilia collector. Vivid Entertainment went on to say that before releasing the footage to the general public, they consulted with different individuals, whom they say are experts to seek the authenticity of the sex footage.

The infamous sex footage in question shows a man who is naked and very much looks like the legendary Jimi Hendrix wearing on a bandana and cavorting with two unnamed women in a room which is dimly lit. The man’s full face however appear on the screen only for some seconds and having closed his eyes. In other parts of the sex footage, there are some flashes if the man’s profile. His hands, which are bedecked with a number of rings, are however seen to be free and roaming in the sex footage’s screen and sex footage do not have audio according to The New York Times.

Most of Jimi Hendrix’s associates and fans however have greatly disputed the authenticity of the sex footage in question and the identity of the man in this sex footage.

Steven Hirsch, Vivid Entertainment’s founder and co-chairman  still insists that they followed due deligence and that after all that they still believe that the man in the sex footage is Jimi Hendrix.